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Sky Bird Travel & Tours is one of the nation’s leading airline consolidator’s, connecting travel agents with the lowest net fares provided by their many airline partners. Established in 1976, Sky Bird has thrived for over 40 years, with offices all over the nation as well as international offices in Canada, India and the Philippines.

This premier travel agent awarded B&B Contracting Group the build-out of their new 4,000 sq. ft. New York City headquarters. This project included installing HVAC equipment, two new private bathrooms, relocating electric service and refinishing existing wood floors. Another notable aspect of this project was the removal and replacement of seven windows that were approximately 18ft by 10ft large. The team also decommissioned and removed CON-ED gas service, installed all new aluminum and glass office storefront systems, and furnished and installed self-leveling epoxy floors.

Featured Project


Office Renovation

450 West 31st Street

New York, NY




Audible, Inc. is a technology firm with a penchant for avant-garde design. B&B Contracting Group provided construction services to fit-out Audible’s new 42,000 sq ft office space in a slab-to-slab gut renovation. All new mechanical, electrical and control systems were installed to bring the floor to cutting edge efficiency and comfort standards. In addition to office standards such as workstations, conference rooms, copy centers, LAN rooms and the like, work included unusual finishes, floating ceilings, non-grid lighting configurations, unusual uses of custom-fabricated decorative metalwork, and custom upholstery. A café and gaming area were also incorporated into the scope of work for their extremely mobile, primarily “Millennial” workforce.

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Office Fit-out

33 Washington Street

Newark, NJ




Inakaya Restaurant needed to restore the Grill Chef’s area at the center of the dining experience, as it had been damaged by result of a flood. Working alongside the client, insurance company and landlord, B&B Contracting Group quickly assessed the damages and went to work bringing the restaurant back into operation. Work included miscellaneous demolition, ceiling replacement, painting and spackling, faux painting and electrical repairs. Replacement display counters were also fabricated and installed by the reopening date. Coordination and teamwork helped turn this devastating event around quickly and efficiently in as little as two weeks.

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Rapid Repair Work

231 West 40th Street

New York, NY




Located on the 21st floor of the landmark Peninsula Hotel on Fifth Avenue, the Vu Salon was the collaboration between owner-stylist Vu Nguyen and his team of designers and craftspeople. We were hired to construct the salon with a design-build approach. The project included a polished concrete floor, extensive electrical and plumbing work and the careful installation of unique materials and finishes that were sourced from Malaysia to Philadelphia.  Live edge tables, sliding door, reclaimed steel with carefully selected lights all contributed to the outstanding salon.

Featured Project


Vu Hair New York


700 Fifth Avenue, 21st Floor

New York, NY




The Sherry-Netherland is a cooperative residential hotel with a variety of luxury apartments that are individually designed to reflect the various tastes of its owner-residents. B&B Contracting Group renovated an existing residence, converting it into a suite suitable for the hotel sales pool. The renovated suite is complete with a brand new master bathroom, new plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems throughout the suite, with all new fixtures and electrical devices. Custom doors were also fabricated and installed within the residence, accommodating the client’s sand-blasted art-deco glass panels while preserving the hotel’s original historical hardware. A new powder room was created out of the old pantry area in the master bedroom. The breakfast area was modified to accommodate new railings, creating an elevated sitting area with views of 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.

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Complete Renovation

781 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY




This exciting project at the landmark Peninsula New York property required intensive coordination between building operations and construction so the work did not disrupt the hotel’s typical course of business. This project included the installation of high-speed internet access and internet protocol television in all guestrooms and public spaces, as well as a full expansion of their Wi-Fi network throughout the entire hotel. B&B Contracting Group upgraded over (270) guestrooms and installed over (185) Wi-Fi routers for high-speed internet protocol wiring. Through diligent planning and scheduling, we managed to decrease the project duration by 25%, which also decreased guest inconvenience and increasing client satisfaction.

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HSIA-IPTV Upgrades

700 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY




One of NYC’s premier public institutions, SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology is an internationally recognized college for design, fashion, art, communications and business. Looking to renovate their Digital Darkroom and upgrade their systems with the most interactive and up-to-date equipment, FIT awarded B&B Contracting Group with the task. A digital darkroom, as the name suggests, is a digital world for photo editing. The term “darkroom” is used to indicate that the older darkroom printing activities are replaced digitally. The software tools used in a digital darkroom are very sophisticated and produce high quality output. B&B oversaw the demolition of existing floors, ceilings, wall panels, doors and all mechanical & electrical equipment, including auxiliary equipment, to build-out a more modern, functional space with top of the line equipment and high end, specialized color temperature lighting.

Featured Project


Digital Darkroom Renovation

300 Seventh Avenue

New York, NY




As with most school projects, the schedule is demanding, and the Summer of 2019 Liberty Elementary School project was no different. B&B Contracting Group was able to overcome the tight schedule with the proper pre-construction planning and strong daily supervision. The project consisted of abating 16,000 SF of flooring, removing and replacing 12,000 SF of ceiling, and installing new VCT floor tile and carpet in multiple classrooms, cafeteria, kitchen and administration areas. We fabricated and installed new vanity style cabinets with sinks and faucets in classrooms. All this work was sandwiched between removing, storing and returning the entire contents of all classrooms, cafeteria, kitchen and administration areas. We were able to successfully complete the entire scope of work on time and to the satisfaction of the school faculty and staff.

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Capital Improvements

142 Lake Road

Valley Cottage, NY




Purchase College, the State University of New York (SUNY) is located about 30 miles north of New York City. Looking to completely renovate the Dance Building, B&B Contracting Group was brought in for the work. It is a multi-year and multi-phase project, in order to limit distributions to students. During Summer 2019, B&B Contracting Group removed 40,000 sq. ft of ceilings and installed new ceilings. All 40,000 sq. ft of ductwork was cleaned, sealed and tested. The spalling concrete skin was removed from two separate four-story fresh air intake shafts. The team also furnished and installed a multi-layer waterproof stucco system in the same shafts.


During Summer 2020, B&B Contracting Group will remove and replace two separate 200-ton air handler units. The team will also furnish and install all new automated controls to improve the air and energy efficiency of the building.

Featured Project


Dance Building

735 Anderson Hill Rd

Purchase, NY




The Community Charter School of Paterson is located within several nineteenth century industrial and office buildings. In the original conversion-of-use process, bathrooms were added to these historical structures that were never originally intended to receive them. Additionally, wear and tear had accumulated, causing no end of maintenance headaches for the facility. B&B Contracting Group, working with DiGroup Architects, performed a full gut-renovation of the existing bathroom facilities that was accomplished over the summer school break. Once demolition had been performed, extensive previously-indiscernible defects and code issues were uncovered, including rotted subfloors, improperly installed plumbing roughing, and substantial defects in underlying slabs. In cooperation with the owner and architect, B&B projected economical solutions to the myriad issues the existing facility was afflicted with. B&B provided the Charter School with bathroom facilities that will last a generation. Inspections passed with no defect, and the project was delivered on time for the new school year to begin.

Featured Project


Bathroom Renovations

75 Spruce Street

Paterson, NJ




The BOCES School, also known as the Old Nyack High School, has a full class schedule of BOCES Students during the day and a full class schedule of Adult Education at night. The hectic overall school schedule made safety of the students and faculty our first priority. The school is laid out in a basic square with a stair tower in each corner.  B&B Contracting Group developed a safety and work plan that had us working in two towers simultaneously with a two week overlay. We completely isolated each tower by installing temporary walls at each floor to securely close the Tower from any student or faculty intrusion. In this manner, B&B was allowed to safely perform the scope of work which included demolishing existing door and storefront glass wall systems, and installing the specified Special Light AMP Doors into custom fabricated Hollow Metal Frames with fire resistant glazing. We then repaired and refinished the existing Terrazzo Landings and painted the areas. Finally, we installed custom sized Safe Guard Tech Steel Tread covers to finish the project. Through diligent planning and coordination with the schools staff and LAN Associates, we were able to complete this project on schedule, on budget, and with minimal disruption to the school operations. The attention to detail and care taken throughout the project by B&B was not lost on the very appreciative client.

Featured Project


Stair Tower Renovations

131 North Midland Avenue

Nyack, NY




BronxNet – CUNY Lehman College provides hands-on television production training, equipment access and channels for Bronx residents. Their vision came from dedicated Bronx officials, who worked with residents to create a fully-equipped television station and media center that would be accessible to the Bronx community. BronxNet went on air in July 1993 and has been headquartered at Lehman College since its inception. Our team performed a renovation project for the Bronx borough’s premiere community access and media training facility. Facilities were subject to a complete refresh of all finishes, including specialty studio flooring, large scale custom fabricated vinyl murals, and a complex acoustical/decorative wall panel installation to correct the sound profile of their main television studio. All work was performed around the studios’ sensitive equipment and busy shooting schedule and within their non-profit budget.

Featured Project


BronxNet TV Studio Renovations

2790 Goulden Avenue

Bronx, NY




Language Studies International purchased the space as a commercial coop and awarded B&B Contracting Group, working along with the design team at Lori Kupfer Architect and the engineering team of Lilker Associates, to build out the space within 12 weeks. An entire new HVAC system was installed from scratch with exterior window louvers, two new AC units, all exposed sheet metal and a fully automated self-contained BMS system allowing full real time climate control with remote internet access to the system. The space is largely divided with sound deadening glass wall partitions and acoustically insulated drywall partitions. Because the space was technically changed from “office” use to “classroom” use, the space required a new Certificate of Occupancy. Documentation and tracking systems were instrumental in providing the expeditors what they required in a timely manner.

Featured Project


HVAC Upgrades

40 Rector Street

New York, NY




Established in 1916, Constitution Island Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization in Putnam County. Their mission is to partner with the United States Military Academy to provide the West Point community and other visitors with rewarding educational experiences, located on the Hudson River. B&B Contracting Group had the honor of constructing a new building on a historic site dating back to the pre-Revolutionary times, using historically sensitive masonry, carpentry and roofing finishes. New foundations and drainage systems were also installed. The new building functions as an education center for West Point Cadets and includes high-grade materials, suitable finishes, backup power, transformers and HVAC Units.

Featured Project


Historical Preservation Renovations

West Point Military Academy

Cold Spring, NY

The Public Safety Answering Center II (PSACII) is a state-of-the-art hardened bunker of a facility which serves as an operations center for the City of New York’s 911 emergency call system. Although the building was being built to literally withstand Armageddon, with hardened concrete compartmentalized construction and exacting ventilation requirements (as well as its extraordinarily high security), it posed some unique challenges in both in construction and logistics, with every individual working at the site having to undergo extensive background checks and every delivery vehicle registration needing to be submitted for security vetting 48 hours in advance. Unfortunately, the original building’s design did not take into account the final disposition of some of the interior spaces. B&B Contracting Group added locker rooms and office spaces to what had been designated as storage areas in the original design. Other work included providing new plumbing supply and waste lines along with fixtures, electrical power, datacom/AV cabling, and HVAC work, in addition to providing new floor covering and wall finishes. Perhaps the strongest indicator of our performance on this project is that it has led to us becoming their on-call GC, performing additional projects at this facility on an ongoing basis to this day.

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350 Marconi Street

Bronx, NY




Since 1999, Smile Train has grown into the world’s leading cleft palate charity, helping more than one million desperately poor children with cleft palates, training thousands of medical professionals and establishing hundreds of programs in the world’s poorest countries. B&B Contracting Group provided construction services to accommodate Smile Train’s office growth. With nearly 50 permanent staff working from the worldwide headquarters on a regular basis, Smile Train also has part-time and full-time interns, guests and remote staff who visit from time to time, all of whom need a place to sit. B&B Contracting Group created a new, nearly 20,000 square foot office design that incorporates an open floor plan concept of 60+ workstation seats, a boardroom that seats 20, 5 individual multipurpose meeting rooms, 4 private telephone rooms, 2 copy & print stations, 2 reception desks, a wellness room within a large lounge space, 1 production studio and 1 private CEO office.

Featured Project: SMILE TRAIN Office Fit-out


New York, NY





Maze Sexual & Reproductive Health has always focused on making a difference in people’s lives, approaching each area of their practice with compassion, medical sophistication and an openness to new techniques. B&B Contracting Group performed a complete renovation of an existing space at 633 3rd Avenue to be home to their new 9,000 SF office. Glass doors were installed in the two new meeting rooms and in both corridors leading to the newly-fitted six exam rooms, two procedure rooms, four consultation rooms and entry to the nurses’ station. Custom walnut laminate was used for all other doors and reception area. New ACT ceilings were installed throughout the spacious waiting room and into the office space, as well as new carpeting in the common areas and rubber flooring in the exam rooms, procedure rooms and lab. The project included the installation of new systems for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm and sprinkler, and all new millwork for all of the exam rooms, procedure rooms, lab, nurses’ station and reception. This project was completed on schedule and on budget to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Featured Project

Maze Sexual & Reproductive Health

Complete Renovation

633 Third Avenue

New York, NY



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