Public Safety Answering Center

The Public Safety Answering Center II (PSACII) is a state-of-the-art hardened bunker of a facility which serves as an operations center for the City of New York’s 911 emergency call system. Although the building was being built to literally withstand Armageddon, with hardened concrete compartmentalized construction and exacting ventilation requirements (as well as its extraordinarily high security), it posed some unique challenges in both in construction and logistics, with every individual working at the site having to undergo extensive background checks and every delivery vehicle registration needing to be submitted for security vetting 48 hours in advance. Unfortunately, the original building’s design did not take into account the final disposition of some of the interior spaces. B&B Contracting Group added locker rooms and office spaces to what had been designated as storage areas in the original design. Other work included providing new plumbing supply and waste lines along with fixtures, electrical power, datacom/AV cabling, and HVAC work, in addition to providing new floor covering and wall finishes. Perhaps the strongest indicator of our performance on this project is that it has led to us becoming their on-call GC, performing additional projects at this facility on an ongoing basis to this day.