Nyack School

The BOCES School, also known as the Old Nyack High School, has a full class schedule of BOCES Students during the day and a full class schedule of Adult Education at night. The hectic overall school schedule made safety of the students and faculty our first priority. The school is laid out in a basic square with a stair tower in each corner.  B&B Contracting Group developed a safety and work plan that had us working in two towers simultaneously with a two week overlay. We completely isolated each tower by installing temporary walls at each floor to securely close the Tower from any student or faculty intrusion. In this manner, B&B was allowed to safely perform the scope of work which included demolishing existing door and storefront glass wall systems, and installing the specified Special Light AMP Doors into custom fabricated Hollow Metal Frames with fire resistant glazing. We then repaired and refinished the existing Terrazzo Landings and painted the areas. Finally, we installed custom sized Safe Guard Tech Steel Tread covers to finish the project. Through diligent planning and coordination with the schools staff and LAN Associates, we were able to complete this project on schedule, on budget, and with minimal disruption to the school operations. The attention to detail and care taken throughout the project by B&B was not lost on the very appreciative client.