Community Charter School of Paterson

The Community Charter School of Paterson is located within several nineteenth century industrial and office buildings. In the original conversion-of-use process, bathrooms were added to these historical structures that were never originally intended to receive them. Additionally, wear and tear had accumulated, causing no end of maintenance headaches for the facility. B&B Contracting Group, working with DiGroup Architects, performed a full gut-renovation of the existing bathroom facilities that was accomplished over the summer school break. Once demolition had been performed, extensive previously-indiscernible defects and code issues were uncovered, including rotted subfloors, improperly installed plumbing roughing, and substantial defects in underlying slabs. In cooperation with the owner and architect, B&B projected economical solutions to the myriad issues the existing facility was afflicted with. B&B provided the Charter School with bathroom facilities that will last a generation. Inspections passed with no defect, and the project was delivered on time for the new school year to begin.