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B&B Contracting Group specializes in interior renovations, ground up construction management, fit-outs and building management. We confidently exceed expectations on every project and offer competitive timelines and budgets. Our seasoned staff has industry leading experience and consistently delivers exceptional results and personalized service. Our project management team is deeply invested in each project and will be involved from the planning stages to project completion. This continuity and communication ensures that decisions made during the planning phase are properly implemented in the field.

What We Do

B&B Contracting Group specializes in interior renovations, ground-up, fit-outs and building maintenance. It is confident that it can exceed expectations on every project, with timely completion and competitive pricing. Seasoned staff, with industry experience, provide personalized service and consistently deliver exceptional results. Involved from the planning stages until the completion of construction, the project management team is deeply invested in each project. This continuity and communication ensure that decisions made during the planning stages are properly implemented in the field. The team at B&B Contracting Group has managed projects across many sectors. See who we work with below.

Who We Serve

  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Government
  • Non-Profits
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Entertainment
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail

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General Contracting and Construction Management

B&B Contracting Group is fully dedicated and focused on each project from preconstruction to closeout. Our clients are extremely important to us and we provide the highest level of service regardless of project size.

Feasibility Studies

At the beginning of each project, B&B Contracting Group reviews the strengths, benefits and down sides of the potential project, allowing the team to provide clients with valuable information prior to any major investment of time or money. Each feasibility study is tailored to the client’s specific and unique needs. A typical study will include the feasibility of the proposed design, current site conditions, estimated costs, potential challenges and a review of the project schedule.

Preconstruction Surveys

Preconstruction surveys consist of a description of the structures identified, which are typically adjacent to, or near, the proposed construction site. As warranted by the specific project, the team will document the condition of all types of properties through visual observations, notes, videotaping and other diagnostic devices. More in-depth reviews of location, access, mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, sprinkler systems, IT backbone and infrastructure are all conducted as needed.

Design Build

B&B Contracting Group partners with skilled architects and engineers to design high quality spaces for each client. The team will ensure a project schedule that is as short as possible and will provide an ongoing understanding of cost, schedule and scope of work throughout the building process.

B&B Contracting Group understands that as the owner and client, you do not want to be distracted with various consultants who have differing agendas. The design build relationship provides you with a united team and one direct point of contact. Some cleints prefer this approach.

Site Supervision

B&B Contracting Group employs seasoned and professional supervisors and on-site support personnel. Each project is staffed with a strong team specifically tailored to safeguard the successful completion of your project. Every aspect of your construction work is effectively controlled and supervised by our highly experienced personnel.

Project Planning

Whether you are looking at a potential property or thinking about renovating your existing property, B&B Contracting Group can help you with the planning. The combined knowledge and experience our team has will undoubtedly contribute to the overall success of the project.
B&B Contracting Group will review test-fits and develop a budget and schedule. The earlier the team becomes involved with the project, the more help we can offer. Clearly defining the scope of work before beginning construction results in substantial savings for our clients.

Project Management

B&B Contracting Group is always driven to get each project done on time and under budget. This is achieved by taking a proactive approach to prevent delays, scheduling issues and change orders. Our project management services include, but are not limited to, the following:

On-site representation, scheduling, RFI / RFQ coordination, design and constructability reviews, LEED compliance reviews, value engineering, cost controls, and change order review / negotiation, quality control, punch list management and close out documentation.

General Contracting

B&B Contracting Group will competitively price your project. Our goal is to be transparent and upfront. As our client, you will receive a thorough and complete professional proposal clearly identifying the scope of work, pricing and specific qualifications. The team will manage the work on site and all the necessary paperwork required to run a project correctly and professionally. We will address any changes our clients want to incorporate into the design and scope. Quality will always be monitored and our team will build to the agreed schedule, while also looking to build the job per the provided documentation.

We are extremely conscientious about closing out our projects in timely manner with all punch list, close out documents and sign offs.

Throughout the entire process, B&B Contracting Group looks to be a value added service. We make an effort to understand your business and your culture, so we can help with ideas and execution that will enhance the end product.

Why Our Clients Choose B&B Contracting

We are the right size company for a variety of projects. B&B Contracting Group is large enough to have the capacity to handle each project, yet small enough to give each client individualized attention. Every project is significant to B&B Contracting Group.

We assign a dedicated team of professionals to your project. B&B Contracting Group’s superintendents each have extensive experience in a variety of projects across the field.  The team’s project managers are intimately familiar with the specific work for the project at hand. The project managers are deeply involved from the initial pricing and see the project through to completion.

We are there every step of the way. After projects are completed and clients occupy their spaces, there are inevitably items that need to be followed up on. Whether it be day two construction tasks or finishing necessary Building Department sign offs, B&B Contracting Group will complete every last detail. The team will truly be there from start to finish, establishing a trusting relationship. B&B Contracting Group’s relationships with its clients are extremely important and the team always aims to work on future projects with the same clients.

We think on our feet and proactively address any challenges that may arise before and during construction. B&B Contracting Group provides a value-added service to its clients by anticipating the challenges of implementing design within space constraints. The team works to resolve problems on paper and in advance of the tradesmen as much as possible.

We have great relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. B&B Contracting Group can leverage these relationships when necessary to help with manufacturing lead times, manpower and schedule.